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Our Process

We’ve seen it all before and we’ve been in your shoes. Time and time again we have seen optimization efforts begun and abandoned due to quality of vendors handling data. Creating a company familiar with Industry specific data, it’s consequential importance and vital accuracy has helped create a platform to maintain the best records possible.

Our process is truly a closed loop, end to end process

Document Preparation

  • On or off site
  • Removal of physical debris (staples, paperclips,etc.)
  • Organization of like documents in chronological order
  • Indexing preparation


  • One file at a time
  • PDF format stored on an isolated and encrypted server


  • Custom naming conventions
  • Attribution of each document
  • Pre-defined well file taxonomy tailored to fit your organization
  • Customized metadata

Finishing Work

  • Final upload to encrypted cloud based drive for retrieval


  • Processed and newly organized files repacked
  • Boxes returned to office or off site storage facility
  • Arrange and manage certified document destruction

We Turn Problems Into Solutions


Rooms full of Documents in Boxes?

Conversion from paper files to electronic data can store an entire portfolio of assets in one location that is searchable, scalable and comprehensive. Oftentimes, data never reaches the intended recipients due to misfiling or general misplacement, a primary source of loss production time.


Duplicate data in your "Working Files"

We know firsthand that O&G professionals oftentimes spend more time looking for a particular piece of data rather than analyzing it…Sound familiar? Between department levels and well-meaning employees keeping their own files and not maintaining a central record, your fundamental data source becomes fragmented. There is a lot of natural overlap within the work utilizing Well File data that oftentimes is reduced down to kamikaze email requests similar to “Does anyone have this?”


In need of some Standardization?

Picking up assets means gaining other people’s records, you are inheriting a problem most times! A record organized by other people’s standards is our definition of chaos. By creating your own hierarchy of searchable terms that will classify each type of information held within your files, you are creating a standardization that will prompt user queries and reduction in lost time. File naming standards are solely company preference but within your own guidelines there are variations which overtime will disrupt the search features within your organization. Whether slashes are periods or capital letters turn to sentence case, the discrepancies will cause gaps in your software making data you took the time to organize, lost.

What Makes Us Different

Traditional Document Services companies are about turning paper into images. That is it. They do not understand the data they are working with nor really focus on finishing work. Pepper Well File Management understands the value of data and all of the other areas of your operation that are directly effected should the data be unavailable or incorrect.

This is a new age, operators are expanding to multiple assets across the world and need information at their finger tips. Paper files are cumbersome, time consuming and are easily mislabled which can costs companies millions of dollars each year.

Going paperless is an efficient way to maximize the impact of your physical office space and your operations. By considering our structure, we place value in scalable concepts that will integrate into existing systems and tee up your capacity to bring in additional physical assets or IT systems in the future with minimal modification.

Our Straight Forward Pricing

We pride ourselves on offering unit based pricing that allows you to accurately budget a project.

What does this look like?

Flat fee per Well file, Land File, Lease File etc.

Flat fee per Well Log (Tiff Imaging)

File Maintenance Program: Digital storage and updating of newly digitized files is charged on a per well basis.

Prices do not include the transportation of documents (but we can help)

Ready? We Thought So

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Please contact us anytime to discuss partnership opportunities and to get your current Well File Management system modified to better serve you and your expanding asset base.